Tech edge is fleeting

So go beyond that singular focus.

With the ALPHA market surveillance model. Gain a truly sustainable edge with timely insight, expert guidance, and a bespoke market engagement blueprint.

Alpha SNAP 

Market snapshots are incredibly powerful for rapid insight.

First sizing data from trusted primary sources are triangulated for a deeper understanding. Then using the same principles we probe key analysts opinion.

Alpha Radar & Sonar 

Monitors trusted intelligence sources for updates, greater depth and broader vision. This is particularly helpful in rapidly evolving markets and provides the foundation for a comprehensive market engagement blueprint and all market penetration and development. 

Alpha PEST 

Analysis of  political, economic, social and technological factors. 

Underpinned by the ALPHA blend. My approach blends snapshots from 3 respected sources of PEST related data and primary analysis.

Alpha SWOT 

Comprehensive competitor analysis.

Enables deeper examination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats alongside those of the key market players.

A bespoke Blueprint

Go-to-Market strategy is closely associated with product launches; and also guides market share growth for existing products. A blueprint for bespoke target market and persona led GTM helps to dramatically reduce the risk of lack of alignment with customer needs, limited market differentiation, and poor launches (root causes of product failure). 

This approach outlines essential activities and deliverables for innovation and go-to-market success. It accelerates the devising, documentation, delivery and deployment of deep market engagement, and drives the right product initiatives, campaign decisions and field execution within a collaborative framework. 

Ensure market orientation, stakeholder alignment and the orchestrated execution of coherent and insightful product and market strategy.